Top 5 Epoxy Resin Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

It’s important to remember that learning to use epoxy resin is a JOURNEY that will have trial and error. As a beginner resin artist, I bumped into a lot of walls and made mistakes. The problem is that these mistakes can waste product and be costly, which is frustrating. Trust me, I know.

I was determined to move forward and learn from my mistakes, and eventually found my way. When I work with other resin artists, I assure them that we’ve all been there, and I want to teach them the lessons I learned so they won’t make the same mistakes! So, let’s talk about the top 5 mistakes to avoid as a beginner resin artist.

1: Not Wearing PPE

Social media tends to do a terrible job of emphasizing that you need to practice safety working with epoxy resin. As I began working with resin, I noticed I was getting headaches after a few months.

After some research, I realized that I should be wearing personal protective equipment, or PPE. Epoxy resin is a chemical, and should be treated as such. So, this is me telling you that before you even think about touching epoxy resin, you should be wearing PPE and be in a well-ventilated area.

2: Using the Wrong Type of Epoxy Resin

Another common beginner resin artist mistake is thinking that there’s only one type of epoxy resin. You cannot use all types of epoxy resin for every project. It’s important to research the project you’re working on so you can find the right resin for you. Not doing so could cost you time and money later on!

3: Ignoring the Big 3

Following my ‘Big 3’ will save you from resin troubles, trust me.


You can easily over or undermix epoxy resin which will give you the wrong consistency. Always follow directions.


I cannot stress enough that you shouldn’t be eyeballing your measurements. You need them to be exact, otherwise you won’t get the right consistency.


The wrong temperature can also result in resin troubles.

If you don’t follow the Big 3, you can end up with sticky and bendy resin that won’t cooperate. It will also be toxic and very dangerous. Mastering epoxy resin takes time and patience.

4: Skipping Workstation Prep

Before beginning a resin project, you need to set up your workstation. Everything should be set up and ready to go before you start pouring any epoxy resin. Not setting up your station properly can result in flash curing and failed projects. I also recommend keeping your workstation distraction free to prevent mistakes and promote safety.

5: Comparing Your Journey as a Beginner Resin Artist to Others (Most important) 

As with any new journey, please don’t compare yourself to others! Have you ever heard the quote, “comparison is the thief of joy?” Looking at other resin artists when you’re beginning your journey is a slippery slope, and can be your downfall. It’s important to know that everyone moves at their own pace, and make sure to enjoy every bit of your journey! Take pictures, keep a journal and surround yourself with people who inspire you.

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