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About Me

A Little Bit About Me

Do you like what you see? Do you want to tap into your creative side and learn how to make that too? Now, before you say, ‘I can’t do that’ or 'I'm not creative enough,' I'm here to tell you that you most certainly can and you most certainly are.
My name is Candice Toney, and I’m a Resin Artist and International Resin Art Educator who enjoys every moment of creating vivid, luxurious handmade pieces that genuinely captivate, galvanize, and inspire. Stepping into this space amid the pandemic, I bring with me a deep passion for color, creative expression, and empowering/educating others on how to unlock their resin artist potential. Even more, I love not only creating high-quality resin art that accentuates every interior design ambiance, but doing so all while ensuring those who work/learn alongside me attain the exceptional customer service and all-around unforgettable experiences they deserve.
Growing up in Bedford Heights, Ohio pre-social media, I always appreciated the innate beauty in people, places, and things and bridged that with my desire to help others in large ways. In fact, this sparked my 20+ year career working in health care, with the last 15 of those years specializing in clinical research. That said, my resin interest was something that laid dormant until the pandemic. But once I found it, I spent the entire lockdown allowing my creative side to surface and teaching myself the intricacies of resin art. From the one-of-a-kind authenticity (no two pieces are the same) to the therapeutic ambiance of the creative process itself, I fell in love with resin art as an artist and now educator.
Fast forward to today, I attained Certification from Cornell University for the Women’s Business Certification in March 2022, and have taught 60+ students how to do resin art through beginner workshops, one-on-one resin art troubleshooting sessions, and leading self-paced courses. I have also created countless resin art pieces and unforgettable gifts for customers ranging from coasters, trays to wine accessories that cannot be found or sold in commercial stores. After all, handcrafted art is 100% unique, holds a class of itself, and deserves to be pursued with solidified vision and creative freedom. And as you read this, know that I welcome you to discover just how life-enhancing resin art can be when structure is intertwined with vivid expression. But above all, become reminded of just how vibrant life candidly is when you allow creativity to take the reins. 
Are you ready to raise your home décor standards, attain the perfect gift for the 'un-giftable,' or learn how to master resin art yourself? If so, please visit www.designzbyct.com

 Let's Talk About Resin!

Epoxy Resin is a chemical. Once the chemical is mixed, it allows you to make endless creations. I love the high glossy finish that is left on every coaster, wine glass holder, and tray that I make.



 The possibilities are endless when creating resin art!



Join me on this mesmerizing journey of resin art, and let's create something beautiful together!



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