Start your resin art journey with Resin in a Box Workshop!

We’ve got great news! Resin in a Box ® pre- recorded resin workshop is now available. This workshop includes everything a beginner needs to know about learning resin art, and more! A pre-recorded resin workshop is a fabulous way to get started on your journey because you can work at your own pace. Let’s go over what the workshop will include to get going. 

Who is this resin workshop for? 

To start, this epoxy resin workshop is designed for beginners, but it definitely has something for everyone! Even if you’ve been working with resin, the step by step instructions might teach you something new. All who wish to learn the craft of resin art are welcome! 

What will you learn? 

The better question is what WON'T you learn? This resin beginners workshop is going to cover everything you need to know to start working with resin. Most importantly we’re going to cover the BIG 3, which are: 

  • Mixing
  • Measuring
  • Temperature

Along with the BIG 3, you’ll also learn some of the most popular resin art techniques, such as: 

  • Bubbles in resin 
  • Mixing colorants 
  • Selecting the perfect resin for your projects 
  • How to avoid uncured resin 

You’ll also review critical safety precautions for working with epoxy resin. We would NEVER condone working with epoxy resin until you know the in’s and out’s of safety procedures. If you have further questions, you can ask them in the post workshop Facebook group you’ll be invited to. 

At the end of the resin workshop, you’ll have a set of 4 coasters handmade by YOU and your newfound resin art skills! 

What are the benefits to a pre-recorded resin workshop?

Sure, you could sift through YouTube to find the perfect resin art video, but who has the time? In-person classes must be attended on the instructor's time, as well as live online streams. So, we’ve come up with a solution: the pre-recorded resin workshop! 

There are tons of benefits to purchasing a pre-recorded beginners resin workshop. One of the biggest is that you can complete the workshop on your own time, at your own pace! After you’ve purchased the workshop from me, it’s available to you 24/7 with no expiration date. 

You’ll be able to watch and re-watch the workshop as needed, with no judgment! Additional content may also be added, which you’ll have access to. 

What else is included? 

Don’t worry, there’s more! Not only will you have access to the workshop, you’ll be able to join a welcoming community of resin artists post-workshop. This is a great place for you to ask any questions that you have.

The workshop also comes with a supply list of everything you’ll need before getting started on your resin journey. 


Ready to sign up?

Ready to start your resin journey? You can check out all the details of the workshop here:


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