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About Me

A Little Bit About Me

I taught myself how to make resin art pieces that you see on my site today. I didn’t realize how calming, soothing and free creating resin art made me feel. During the time I would paint or make resin art pieces, my stress, anxiety and depression went away. I was at peace and my art studio became my sanctuary. Resin art is exciting and it gave me something to look forward to while the world was facing unprecedented times. 

Something that started off as a hobby, has now turned into a small business. Now you can purchase any of my resin artwork that you see on my site, at your convenience, or if you have an idea for a resin piece that you would like to see brought to life, I offer custom orders as well.

I participate in monthly craft shows to share my love of resin /home décor with my community. In October 2021, I created a workshop to help aspiring resin artists learn how to do resin safely and have fun with learning a new skill. I have also created One on One sessions & Courses for current resin artists.

Let's Talk About Resin!

Epoxy Resin is a chemical. Once the chemical is mixed, it allows you to make endless creations. I love the high glossy finish that is left on every coaster, wine glass holder, and tray that I make.


Utilizing the Philosophy of Art Therapy as a Positive Coping Mechanism: My Way

Art Therapy is a form of creative expression by using art. Many individuals use art therapy to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, addiction. It should be noted that Art Therapy is to be lead by a licensed Art Therapist, which I am not. I do, however, promote the usage of art as a positive coping mechanism. 

As a small child I always loved using my imagination with drawing and painting. It wasn’t until adulthood; I was able to tap back into this creation. Not only, was I able to get back to something I loved, I was also able to use it as a tool to deal with anxiety, stress and depression. By creating my resin pieces, I can unplug from the world for hours and just create. I didn’t realize how much calmness, peace, and happiness tapping back into my creative side could bring. All my creations are made from love and directly from my heart. My hope is that you will love each piece just as much I did as I was creating it.

Follow my journey as I continue using crafting Resin Art as a positive coping mechanism form of healing. 



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