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A Little Bit About Me

Hey there! I'm Candice Toney, a passionate Resin Artist and International Resin Art Educator. Creating vibrant, luxurious handmade pieces that truly captivate, galvanize, and inspire is what ignites my creative soul. And let me tell you, stepping into this space during the pandemic has been an incredible journey.

Color and creative expression have always held a special place in my heart. As a little girl growing up in Bedford Heights, Ohio, I constantly found beauty in people, places, and things. This innate appreciation, combined with my desire to make a significant impact in people's lives, led me to a 20+ year career in healthcare, specializing in clinical research.

But it wasn't until the pandemic hit that I discovered the incredible world of resin art. During the lockdown, with newfound time on my hands and coping with anxiety as a newly empty nester, I delved into resin art and fell in love. Not only did it provide therapeutic solace, but it also allowed me to unlock my own artistic potential.

Today, I feel incredibly blessed to share my passion for resin art with the world. Participating in over 100+ vendor events has been an absolute joy for me. There's nothing quite like being able to connect with customers, showcase my home decor pieces firsthand, and witness their excitement as they touch and see my creations in person.

As an resin art educator, I've had the pleasure of teaching 100+ students the art of resin through beginner workshops, one-on-one troubleshooting sessions, and self-paced courses. Seeing aspiring resin artists find their creativity and witnessing their growth has been truly rewarding. Additionally, I've crafted countless unique resin art pieces and unforgettable gifts for customers, ranging from coasters and trays to wine accessories. No commercial store can offer the same level of handcrafted authenticity.

I invite you to discover the life-enhancing beauty of resin art. It's an art form that combines structure with vivid expression, elevating your home decor standards and providing the perfect gift for even the most "un-giftable" person in your life. So why wait? Let's embark on this vibrant journey together.

 Let's Talk About Resin!

Epoxy Resin is an incredible chemical compound that has the power to transform into mesmerizing works of art. When mixed, it undergoes a fascinating transformation, solidifying into a durable material that allows for endless creative possibilities. The entire process is both and calming, making it a truly immersive experience.
As an artist, I have chosen to the potential of epoxy resin to create luxurious home decor items. Using only the highest quality and exquisite pigments, each piece I create, whether it's a coaster set, a versatile multi-purpose tray, or elegant wine accessories, radiates joy and gives a sense of pure delight.



This is where the magic happens, my craft room!


 The possibilities are endless when creating resin art!



Join me on this mesmerizing journey of resin art, and let's create something beautiful together!

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