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Resin One on One Troubleshooting (Current Resin Artists ONLY) DesignZ by CT

Resin One on One Troubleshooting (Current Resin Artists ONLY)

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You are a resin artist, and you are experiencing some problems with epoxy resin, correct? I know that this can leave you frustrated. Epoxy resin can be expensive, and you don’t want to continue wasting time and money. Therefore, I have created this troubleshooting session for you.

On this troubleshooting call, you will be able to get help with your epoxy resin problems in detail. You will learn not only “how” to do something, but the “why” you are doing it. Both are extremely important if you want to be successful with resin art.

After our call, you will walk away with an action plan that you will be able to implement immediately, video recording to use for reference, and a 7 day follow up from me via email. You will also receive immediate access to my biweekly support group for continued education.

Are you ready to get started? You will save time, money, and frustration working with me!

What’s included: 

  • 45 min Zoom call
  • Assessment form to be completed prior to call
  • Video recording sent to you after our call
  • Action plan that you can implement immediately 
  • Follow up (7 days after coaching session) 
  • Immediate access to bi weekly support group for continued education

Please note:

  • You must include a valid email address in order for you to receive the assessment document and your Zoom link.
  • You are allowed to reschedule (1 time). If you need to reschedule, please send an email to no later than 24 hours of our scheduled session. Failure to do so will result scheduling future sessions. 
  • All sales are final! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sherry Deese
A wealth of knowledge

When I tell you, the 30 minute session was like a 2 hour session, with a wealth of knowledge in marketing, how to manage traffic on social media, to pricing my products, if I was you, I would get the resin in a box, it’s worth every penny, invest in yourself, thank you Candice

Thank you Sherry for your feedback. I am happy to hear that you are pleased with our 1:1 session.

Dawn Harris

Wish I’d done this one on one session a lot sooner. The wealth of information Candice holds is remarkable. We discussed how to measure the amount of resin required for the moulds, I have an informative list of things I need to buy to help me on my resin journey. I really learnt a lot and would recommend Candice to anyone embarking on resin. And I’m now going to try UV resin. A huge thank you from Dawn in Sunny Dundee in Scotland x

Dawn, it was a pleasure working with you 1:1. I am looking forward to seeing what you create with your future resin art projects.

Menita Blankenship
One on One session

I’m so happy that took the one on one with Candace. I had given up on resin business, because things weren’t going right. Candace gave me the tools & information to get everything right to get back up & running. Her class is a great help for anyone Needs help with their resin business.

By the end of the session, I was ready to get back to work. She provided me a list of things that would make my business better.

Alsace Toure
Best Hour Spent

I had done a small amount of work with resin and stopped fall in 2021 because I just simply could not figure it out. Candace and I have talked since the launch of my business and she encouraged me to keep moving forward. We had our session and by the end, I was smiling from ear to ear. We started by walking through my process from start to finish. It is really important that you do write this down, because what I realize is that we do not all necessarily do each step that we think.

By the end of the session, I had a list of MUST HAVE materials so that I can be consistent in this practice. As well as some helpful tips on how to fix mistakes that I thought were not possible. I have new techniques on how to appropriately measure and mix the resin as well as best practices on application to my paintings. I am feeling fierce and confident. I am excited to show her one piece in particular that is a favorite painting that has fisheyes.

It was a pleasure working with you on your resin journey. I am so glad that you found this One on One valuable. I look forward to seeing your resin projects.

Glenda Hunt-Wright

I know so much more after speaking to Candice that I ever imagined. She is very knowledgeable about her craft and She allowed Me to ask questions. I can honestly say I feel empowered and ready to Conquer the World! I am thanking you from the "Bottom of My Heart"!

It was a pleasure working with you Glenda. I’m glad that you found our session helpful. I can’t wait to see how you apply everything that we discussed. You can and will conquer the world